As-Built Surveys

Expesite Location Services Group provides As-Built Surveying. These surveys provide detailed site, floor, and roof plans including specific dimensions and identification of any safety hazards. Expesite LSG prepares reports and provides photographs that visually document the location and condition of everything from parking lots and landscaping to signage and interior and exterior lighting.

Prior to implementing the survey, we collaborate with you to define and customize the best survey parameters, services, and methods to meet your needs. Throughout the survey process, we work closely with your site managers to ask the right questions and gather accurate data.

Ultimately, we provide you with facility and location information that becomes part of the real-time information archive within your VisionFM (Facilities Management) or VisionPM (Project Management) products. You can easily view, access, sort, and analyze the information to better manage your space or guide decisions on remodeling.

To learn more about how Expesite Location Services Group can create and implement an as-built survey for your business, contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.