Asset Tagging and Tracking

To properly manage your assets, you must first understand exactly what you have. Expesite Location Services Group provides complete asset tagging and tracking services. We use VisionMSI (Multi-Site Inspection) to:
  • Bar-code building equipment, ┬ácomponents, and other assets
  • Photograph the assets
  • Log serial numbers
  • Associate assets with your floor, site, and roof plans
All of the collected data is fed, real time, into Expesite's VisionFM (Facilities Management) solution. Within VisionFM you can view and manage your assets where they exist, better track ownership, schedule maintenance, track depreciation, and improve overall asset management.

To learn more about how Expesite Location Services Group can create and implement an asset tagging and tracking survey for your business, contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.