For Real Estate
If you don't have accurate, comprehensive, and easily accessible information about your real estate assets, you can’t make the necessary decisions to execute your real estate strategy. Indecision and inaction can jeopardize your overall financial performance.

VisionRE (Real Estate Management) centralizes critical real estate and location data, empowering executives to more efficiently plan and deploy future locations. Executives will also be equipped to better manage existing locations at both a macro and detailed level. With VisionRE, you can maximize the performance of your entire real estate portfolio.

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For Construction
Managing your real estate projects and programs would be a piece of cake—if everything went according to plan. But the reality is, project scope, design, costs, equipment, and timelines change constantly. With large, multi-member project teams, it’s difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to keep everyone up to speed and on task.

VisionPM (Project Management) revolutionizes the way your executive team, development team, general contractors, suppliers, and vendors manage and implement real estate projects. No matter where team members are located, VisionPM keeps everyone on the same page and provides access to up-to-date project status, documents, and costs. VisionPM also delivers immediate notifications and alerts team members to changes and exceptions, giving your people the opportunity to respond to and correct issues as they arise.

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For Facilities
Optimizing your investment in facilities and assets begins with understanding exactly what you have in terms of space and assets, and how your employees are currently using these resources.

VisionFM (Facilities Management) provides Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), allowing you to better understand and manage your buildings and their contents. Your solution for collaborative building operations, VisionFM gives you data, drawings, and historical information for a clear, big picture view of the location, condition, and use of space and assets. VisionFM centralizes this critical information in one repository, making it easily accessible. As a result, you can use the information to drive smarter, more strategic business decisions about everything from maintenance, leasing, and moves, to project budgets and capital renewal.

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For Maintenance
Efficient, effective maintenance management takes the right people and the right parts, in the right places, at the right times. Bringing everything together requires outstanding communication, along with an accurate understanding of the time and resources each maintenance task requires.

VisionMM (Maintenance Management) provides you with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). VisionMM dramatically improves communication of work requests and tasks along with your ability to set accurate service level expectations. VisionMM gives you powerful communication, reporting, and analysis tools that support your business processes and allow you to better manage the labor, materials, and schedules involved in continually maintaining and operating your facilities. You’ll be able to prioritize, assign, track, complete, and bill on-demand and preventive maintenance work. Ultimately, you’ll make the best use of your resources while keeping your facilities operating at peak performance.

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For Survey
Accurate, up-to-date information about the condition of your sites, buildings, and facilities is essential to properly maximizing the productivity of these assets. However, getting that information is a challenge, especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of sites spread from coast to coast and beyond.

VisionMSI (Multi-Site Inspection) arms you with powerful surveying tools that give you the visibility you need into your sites when you can’t be there yourself. As your eyes and ears into each location, VisionMSI quickly and accurately delivers the truth about the condition of your real estate assets, providing more valuable information in less time. VisionMSI helps you create a rich and robust real-time archive of accurate information that feeds other Vision products and informs critical business decisions. With VisionMSI, you’ll be prepared to identify and prioritize capital reinvestment plans, corporate branding, and risk management programs.

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