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Designed for large-scale organizations with multiple remote locations, our Vision products are web-based software solutions that dramatically enhance corporate visibility by providing one consolidated view of all your real estate, location, and facility data. Historically, this information is maintained at the operations and store level, making it virtually impossible to leverage. With Vision, the data becomes accessible, sharable, minable, and reportable, giving senior management critical information for maximizing the productivity of high priced assets while minimizing overall operating costs.

Expesite designs each Vision product from the ground up, imbedding powerful tools for effectively managing real estate portfolios, construction projects, ongoing leases, and facilities equipment and assets. You can identify corporate trends, see what’s working correctly, and identify systemic corporate problems and exceptions that need to be addressed. Beyond managing at a macro level, Vision products help you verify and validate real estate locations, facility details, and project performance.

Through an integrated survey tool and powerful executive reporting system that quantifies your overall performance, Vision gives you the clarity you need to understand and make the most out of every one of your investments. Vision is the industry’s first closed-loop solution designed to help you plan, execute, quantify, and prove your operational effectiveness across all your real estate, location, and facility investments.

Every Vision Product includes:

  • Central Repository for all Sites or Locations
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Configurable Site Profiles
  • Site Specific Document Management
  • Enterprise Document Storage
  • Enterprise Collaboration & Document Readers
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Enterprise Workflow
  • Published APIs for Integration