Make the most of your space.

Capital Planning & Forecasting

Traditional capital planning is expensive and labor-intensive. Facilities managers must visit every system in every building, record observed deficiencies, prioritize problems, estimate costs, then place jobs in a job jar for funding. Because every system is given equal attention, inspections are less frequent. Additionally, the process fails to account for the continual aging of the building, making the information static and less valuable.

VisionFM overcomes these issues through capital planning and forecasting tools that help you better categorize and track individual building systems. VisionFM divides each building into building systems, then further divides each building system into sub-sections to account for differences in materials and age. Each system is defined with its own lifecycle, so you can estimate service life and restoration requirements over time. VisionFM generates condition surveys at critical dates in each asset's lifecycle, identifying problems when and where they are most likely to be found.

All information is filtered back to your capital plan, and the plan is updated automatically as renovations and improvements are recorded.

Employee & Organization Management

Employee and organization management tools allow facilities managers to assign and associate furniture, equipment, and employees with specific rooms and building space. You can then generate reports related to your organization's space, occupancy, and shared common areas. You can analyze divisions and departments to determine service rates and justify future budgets.

Space Management

The space management tools in VisionFM provide accurate space information that creates the foundation of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

Define space at the real estate level by organizing buildings by property and region. Within each building, VisionFM records accurate floor and room areas via a live connection with AutoCAD Overlay & Interactive Drawing Viewer. You can assign room function, departments, and employees to each room. VisionFM uses the information to generate rentable/usable ratios and space chargeback reports.

Asset Management

Track information on all your assets from building components to office supplies with flexible and powerful asset management tools. Define complex products, such as systems furniture that includes a bill of materials, down to simple items like keys and cell phones that can be assigned to individuals. VisionFM integrates with leading financial systems for extended asset depreciation tracking.

Move Management

Reduce the time and costs associated with moving employees and assets, and make moves more efficient with comprehensive move management tools. Leveraging AutoCAD Overlay & Interactive Drawing Viewer, the tools maintain employee and asset locations along with labor, parts, and construction costs required for each move.

Asset Survey

VisionFM integrates with VisionMSI (Multi-Site Inspection) to maximize the value of your survey information. Managers can define a survey questionnaire and connect it to employees, contractors, rooms, departments, work orders, contracts, and projects.