The most efficient, cost-effective way to maintain your facilities.

Help Desk

The VisionMM Help Desk includes trouble ticketing and work requests to expedite and streamline maintenance requests. Working from a single screen, call center operators can respond to maintenance issues and resolve problems more efficiently. The operator simply enters the caller's name, and the trouble ticket is instantly populated with the employee's location, furniture, equipment, and call history. Users can also access a service request web site to submit new requests and check on the status of past requests.

Time Tracking

Labor costs are a large portion of your maintenance budget. Unrecorded time for travel, inventory management, and personal time can quickly add up, disrupting a maintenance schedule. With the VisionMM employee time sheet tool, you can more accurately estimate workload, completion time, and billing rates. The time sheet tool automatically lists all work orders, move orders, preventive maintenance, and trouble ticket work assigned to each user, making time reporting easier and more accurate. Time sheet tools are available from users' phones, making it easy and convenient to track time on the go.

Environmental Services

VisionMM includes environmental services tools that can help the environmental services or custodial manager better plan work assignments for in-house staff and develop bids for contract work. The environmental services tools interact with room inventory information from Expesite's VisionFM (Facilities Management) product, allowing environmental services managers to create accurate estimates related to the resources required to maintain buildings. Managers can set standards for maintenance tasks, task frequency, and allowed task time, and they can define and assign cleaning zones to individual staff.

Properly maintaining your assets is the key to maximizing their performance.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance tools allow maintenance managers to associate regularly scheduled work with specific equipment, staff, and accounts. You get a record of accountability and you'll be able to better forecast budgets and labor.

On-Demand Maintenance

Simplify billing, calculate your operating costs, better manage timesheets, and track the maintenance department's ability to respond to work requests with the on-demand maintenance tools in VisionMM.

Track work requests that originate from call centers or the service request web site, recording the requestor's information, location, request issue, and problem description. Maintenance leaders can quickly review all requests and create multiple work orders for internal and external staff. Work orders include authorization, labor, parts, time/date, and the space or assets involved, providing detailed information that leads to greater efficiencies throughout the maintenance department.

Parts Inventory

Having the right parts available for a work order is as important as having the person available to do the job. With VisionMM, maintenance managers can define parts and inventory levels. Inventory may range from generic items like light bulbs to specific equipment components defined in the equipment's bill of materials.