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Mobile Data Collection

Designed to run on touch screen tablets or PCs, VisionMSI streamlines the data collection process for building assets, conditions, and more, making it far more accurate and efficient than traditional pencil and paper. The devices quickly capture data and photographs, while providing consistent structure to the data collection process. The tablets also sync directly with other Vision products, including VisionPM (Project Management) and VisionFM (Facilities Management), making the data instantly usable and valuable.

User-Defined Smart Forms

Our data collection devices make use of smart forms with skip logic, also known as conditional branching. Skip logic reduces data collection time, allowing surveyors to complete more inspections in one day. By using skip logic technology, you can implement custom paths within the inspection forms that allow surveyors to focus on the most relevant questions for each building attribute. With smart forms, surveying is not only faster; it's more accurate and pertinent, too.

Survey Scoring

VisionMSI survey scoring allows you to quickly transform survey data into meaningful insight regarding the current conditions of your real estate portfolio. Establishing points for your survey questions allows you to grade each of your locations and define reporting conditions that you can run geographically, by market, by store type, or by a variety of other criteria. Assigning costs to survey questions allows you to create a benchmark for reinvestment into each property.

Approximately 70% of what you think you know about your physical assets and their conditions is inaccurate.

Real-Time Archive to VisionPM and VisionFM

Once surveys are completed, VisionMSI data results are pushed to your VisionPM or VisionFM product. These Vision products serve as your up-to-date, easy to access, and easy to search archive, storing the wide range of survey data you collect. Since location conditions can—and do—change on a continual basis, it's critical for you to have an automatically updated repository of information. With the real-time archive, the latest information is available online, anytime, from anywhere. You'll be able to run reports, make better decisions more quickly, and execute projects with confidence.

Technology or Full Service

Managing the process of surveying hundreds or even thousands of stores can be a daunting, time consuming task. As the experts in survey management, Expesite can deliver all critical steps in the design and implementation of a successful program, including: survey authoring, surveyor training, scheduling, routing, communication processes, quality assurance checks, report designing, and the execution of each survey.

Leveraging VisionMSI software and devices, Expesite can handle the survey process for you, or you can choose to manage it in-house. Either way, whether it's our surveyors in the field or yours, VisionMSI provides the powerful technology you need to quickly and efficiently gain a complete and accurate understanding of your facilities' conditions.