Take control of change.

Site-Specific Document Management

Reduce costs, simplify searches, and assure version control by centralizing project documents with online document management tools. VisionPM provides paperless document management via a secure online environment and is designed to be site-specific, dramatically enhancing organization and efficiency. From any location with an Internet connection, design teams, consultants, vendors, and owners can quickly and easily store, exchange, and view documents related to a specific site. Document viewing accelerates cycle times. Auto-notifications alert team members to changes, and version tracking keeps everyone on the same page. VisionPM supports online viewing and redlining of 200+ file formats, including all MS Office tools, AutoCAD, digital photos, and more.

Schedule Management

Give team members greater visibility into the status of each project by building, maintaining, and publishing project schedules with the project milestones tool. VisionPM improves accountability by assigning scheduled events to individual project team members and keeps users on task with automatically generated e-mail notifications. VisionPM also synchronizes with Microsoft Project, providing a consolidated, powerful schedule management tool for all your scheduling needs.

Project & Program Reporting

Keep team members up-to-date and on the same page with the VisionPM reporting tool. Team members can quickly generate user-configured reports on demand. The cross-project reports are both visual and quantitative and can be created by region, project type, management team, or any other criteria you specify. Since reports can be viewed online, printed, and saved locally, it's simple to distribute new schedules and project updates to every member of your team.

Large-scale, multi-location companies depend on the performance of every location.

Budgeting & Contract Management

Manage your costs and contracts with comprehensive tools that keep team members—and your project—right on the money. VisionPM gives you four different tools to streamline every step of the budgeting and contract management process:

  • Planning: create, approve, and maintain project budgets.
  • Bidding: submit bids online and view side-by-side bid analysis.
  • Tracking: create, route, and approve work orders, change orders, invoices, and pay applications.
  • Reporting: compare project budget vs. actual costs.

Action Items

Keep your project moving forward with powerful workflow tools that ensure the right actions are taken at the right times. Manage adhoc approvals, requests-for-information (RFIs), submittals, and issues. Remind users about new actions, reassigned tasks, and past-due actions with automatically generated e-mail notifications. You can also review project status at a glance with user-generated roll-up reports that list and summarize all project actions including status, days open, sender, and receiver.

Capital Planning & Forecasting

Execute your growth plan flawlessly with capital planning and forecasting tools that align your team for action. The comprehensive tools collect and organize all the details for assembling your capital strategy for planned growth, and they generate a comprehensive forecast complete with dates, costs, and responsibilities to keep your team on task.