Maximize the value of your real estate assets.

Real Estate Pipeline Management

How effective is your team at managing your real estate pipeline? With the pipeline management tools in VisionRE, you'll know at glance. The tools give you critical visibility into each location's status. You can easily track the progress of each potential site against your strategic growth plan and generate pipeline status reports by date, region, or real estate manager.

Site Selection

It's never been easier or simpler to collect due diligence, evaluate, select, and approve the best sites for your projects. VisionRE arms you with site selection tools that deliver detailed analysis of each potential site's characteristics and rankings within your market plan. VisionRE integrates with leading marketing demographic tools to further aid in the site selection process and help you confidently choose the ideal locations to grow your business.

Transaction Management

Plan, manage, and track the key steps involved with every lease or owned property transaction. With the transaction management tools in VisionRE, you can improve efficiency and accountability by collaborating on documents with all third parties in a secure, auditable environment. Auto-notifications of change will help improve cycle time while a central repository provides access to a complete history of every transaction.

65% of project delays occur in the pre-construction phase.

Lease Management

VisionRE gives you a clean, simple interface for defining, recording, and managing a variety of information about each leased location in your portfolio. You can easily and efficiently keep track of landlord information, key contacts, occupancy costs, and clauses. VisionRE also includes powerful reporting tools, enabling users to generate custom reports and search for properties by keywords or attributes.

Critical Date Management

Never miss an option or renewal date again! VisionRE keeps you in compliance with critical lease clauses across all of your locations. Use the critical date management tools to create, track, and report on every step in the process of renewing or exiting each lease. You can also create action items and assign them to team members. Responsible parties will receive automatic alerts when upcoming obligations and due dates draw near.

Portfolio Reporting & Archiving

Powerful portfolio reporting tools provide user-defined views for all property information. Forecast performance by tracking individual or multiple properties against market plans. You can also "manage by exception," elevating your most critical markets or properties to priority status.