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B.R.I.D.G.E. - Expesite Client Satisfaction Program

Our Client Satisfaction Program was developed to ensure the highest level of service to our clients and to each other. This program fosters open communication from clients and associates, encourages feedback, and rewards individual effort.

Expesite associates work hard each day to build bridges of trust and loyalty with clients and fellow associates. These "bridges" help us to retain the brightest associates, to improve satisfaction of our clients, to earn repeat business, to maintain profit, and to always give back to our community.

We all have a hand in building these bridges by leveraging these core principles:

  • Be positive and personable.
  • Be present by being available and accountable. This builds trust and long-standing relationships.
  • Be empathetic and always keep your clients' best-interests in mind.
  • Be organized. Help identify challenges, solve them quickly and tell the client what you did to overcome them.
  • Be your best in every interaction.
  • Be prepared. Surprises are unacceptable.

Client Satisfaction is the cornerstone that defines our culture and success. Expesite maintains and grows this culture by hiring the right people, by training them to deliver great experiences, and by recognizing their daily bridge-building efforts.